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Cool Diary Ice Blue/Water TeNeues Diary Big 2020

ISBN: 4002725964960

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This stylish weekly Diary is an elegant companion! The icy blue cover has a resistant surface, keeping it in good condition for the year ahead. The Diary Grid is a week to view, and Includes information on both International holidays and lunar phases. Additional year calendars and monthly calendars provide extra overview. Stylishly designed and measuring 16 x 22cm, the Diary features a penholder as well a ribbon bookmark that quickly refers you to the latest entry. At the back of the Diary is a useful pocket in which you can store business cards, receipts and similar things. An unobtrusive elastic band keeps the Diary securely closed, whilst the beautifully designed endpapers depicting rippling waves give the diary a special appeal. Designed with love of detail, this CoolDiary for 2020 is a great gift for your loved ones or even yourself!

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