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Practical Sports Nutrition

ISBN: 9780736046954
AUTOR: Burke, Louise

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As knowledge and practice of sports nutrition become increasingly sophisticated, there is new appreciation of the fact that basketball players, runners, gymnasts—all athletes—have different nutritional needs. Practical Sports Nutrition is the first text to provide detailed, sport-specific advice enabling you to approach individual athletes and teams with an understanding of their sport and unique nutritional needs. Unlike other texts on the subject that get caught up with chemistry and science, this book provides information that is applied, practical, and useful. Nutrition expert Louise Burke engages readers with her easy writing style, and she explores a variety of popular sports—road cycling, swimming, sprinting, long-distance running, and many others. Each chapter offers a comprehensive review of competition, training, physique and physiology, lifestyle and culture, dietary surveys, sports foods and supplements—all tailored to the specific sport. Also included are discussions of issues and challenges arising in each sport that provide useful examples of how to successfully tackle sport-specific problems. Athletes want to know that the person advising them understands their specific needs. With Practical Sports Nutrition, you will learn how to translate the latest ideas on nutrition into tailored recommendations on what athletes should eat before and after practices and competitions. More important, you will learn why those exact foods are beneficial to the athlete. Specific research cited in more than 200 pages of tables backs up the advice given on nutrition, food, supplements, and other topics, so you can feel confident the information is up to date and applicable in the real world. Practical Sports Nutrition includes the following features: -Chapters organized around specific sport categories -Special elements that provide in-the-trenches insight and help you synthesize both practical issues and emerging research topics -Chapter appendix that includes up-to-date and comprehensive meta-analysis tables for quick comparisons of key research studies There is no better one-stop guide for dietitians, nutritionists, exercise physiologists, or anyone who needs to know where and how principles of sports nutrition apply to the training and competition of athletes. Not only will you gain a thorough grasp of the specialized nutrition information needed in various sports and exercise activities, but you will also be able to give recommendations with confidence.

... practical recommendations. Sports Nutrition ... Course Structure :: IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition :: Sportsoracle ... . Throughout the year, changes to the intensity, volume, and frequency of... Translates the latest scientific evidence into practical sports nutrition recommendations. Supports athletes in cultivating a healthy relationship with food & body. PDF Download Practical Sports Nutrition Download Online. Assecsa. Download Practical Applications In Sports Nutrition Ebook Free. Practical Sports Nutrition. Belconnen Aust ... Practical Sports Nutrition | SportMedBC ... . Practical Sports Nutrition. Belconnen Australia: Human Kinetics • Fogelholm GM., R. Koskinen, J. Laakso, T. Rankinen and I. Ruokonen. 1993. Gradual and rapid weight loss: effects on nutrition and... In Practical Sports Nutrition, Louise Burke covers a wide variety of popular sports--providing information that is applied, practical, and useful. Each chapter offers a review of competition, training... Practical Sports Nutrition provides detailed, sport-specific advice that enables you to approach individual athletes and teams with an understanding of their sport and unique nutritional needs. Sports nutrition is the application of basic nutritional principles to improve the training process - Timing, amount, and type of carbohydrate foods and drinks should be chosen to suit the practical... Sports Nutrition: A Practice Manual for Professionals. 4th ed. Clinical Sports Nutrition. Sydney, Australia: McGraw-Hill; 2006. 33. Rodriguez NR, Vislocky LM, Gaine PC. Find all the study resources for Practical Sports Nutrition by Louise Burke. Practical Sports Nutrition. Add to My Books. Documents (0). Year 2 - Practical Sports Nutrition February-November. Delivery of the program involves a variety of teaching methods, including lectures in electronic format, web-based materials, paper-based reading......