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Robot Tea Infuser

ISBN: UPI*053847

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... Now Reading: robot tea infuser. feeldesain ... Robot Tea Infuser ... . Full Article 50 second read. Preparing a cup of perfectly steeped tea is always within reach when you've got this high-tech companion in your kitchen! Simply fill this robot tea infuser with your favorite loose leaf tea and let him hang on your tea mug. After the use let him rest on the drip tray. HIC's Hangin' Dunkin' Robot Tea Infuser hangs into the cup to steep a fresh, distinct, flavorful cup of loose leaf tea with the same ease as tea bags. Made from stainless steel; includes drip ... robot tea infusers, robot tea infusers Suppliers and Manufacturers at... ... . Made from stainless steel; includes drip tray; compact... The robot tea infuser is a must-have for tea lovers! This little guy will brew your favorite loose tea to perfection. Features adjustable arms so you can suspend it over your mug of choice and Includes a... Use this charming robot stainless steel tea infuser to prepare your favorite loose tea. His arms and hands move to create a custom fit to your favorite tea mug. Rest him on the included drip tray when... Let this robot tea infuser sink into your hot water. He grabs the tea glass with his hands. This way you can continue with what you what you were doing. Package includes: 1 x Robot Tea Infuser. Image not available for Color: VIDEOS. Kikkerland Robot Tea Infuser and Drip Tray. Robots arms straddle your cup while tea is brewing. His arms and hands move to create a custom fit on your mug. The Armed with Technology Tea Infuser is a long-armed retro-looking robot that clasps onto the inside of your tea cup and steeps your loose leaf tea. DX > Home & Garden > Kitchen,Dining & Bar > Teaware > Tea Strainers....