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Sports Science of Elite Judo Athletes, The

ISBN: 9780968869307

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Every serious judo coach should own this book and refer to it often. Mr. Pulkkinen thoroughly covers all the facets of training and preparing athletes for elite level competition, but this book can (and should) be read and used by coaches at lower levels of competition as well. Much, actually all, of the material presented in this book can be transferred to competitive levels leading up to the elite level. Well written and well organized, this book is excellent.

...nd capacity than This article reviews the physiological profiles of elite judo athletes from different sex, age and weight categories ... Resistance Training for Judo: Functional Strength Training... ... . Canadian journal of sport sciences = Journal canadien des sciences du sport. 20 elite female judo athletes (EG) and 20 sedentary healthy females (CG) participated in our study. Characteristics of body composition and cardiometabolic risk of Japanese male heavyweight Judo athletes. The effect of core exercises on transdiaphragmatic pressure. Journal Of Sports Science... 5Integrative and Experimental Training Sc ... The Sport Science of Elite Judo Athletes : A Review and Application... ... . The effect of core exercises on transdiaphragmatic pressure. Journal Of Sports Science... 5Integrative and Experimental Training Science, Institute for Sport Sciences, University of Würzburg, Würzburg, Germany. Objectives: The aim of this study was to examine the effect of time of day on short-term repetitive maximal performance and psychological variables in elite judo athletes. Judo athletes demonstrated a general homogenous increase of the arterial functionality of the upper and lower limbs compared to the control groups. Diastolic diameter found to be significantly increased in male and female Judo athletes, highlighting the effects of exercise training on the vascular system. The training in judo tries to develop the athletes both physically (motor Periodization and structured training models are prominent concepts in the field of sports science [19, 37, 52]. Six elite judo athletes participated in this study. They competed in the following weight classes, according to the... In general, elite judo athletes presented higher upper body anaerobic power and capacity than non-elite athletes. Annals of the 11th Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science. Cologne: Sportverlag Strauss, 2006: 101. Items related to The Sport Science of Elite Judo Athletes : A Review... Book Description Softcover. Condition: Very Good. Wayland J. Pulkkinen's Sport Science of Elite Judo Athletes: A Review and Application for Training. Elite judo athletes undergo vigorous training to achieve outstanding results. In pursuit of achieving competitive success, the occurrence of injuries amongst judo athletes is not rare. The study aimed to perform a knee flexors and extensors isokinetic torque analysis in elite female judo athletes. Among sports where athletes are categorized by weight, judo is characterized by relatively short duration, high intensity and intermittent exercise with a combat lasting ~7.18 min in males. It has been shown that a single judo combat is able to induce mobilization of both protein and lipid metabolism... Sikorski W. New Approach to Preparation of Elite Judo Athletes to Main Competition. Sterkowicz-Przybycien K.L., Fuku-da D.H. Establishing Normative Data for the Special Judo Fitness Test in Female Athletes Using Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Referring to judo's sports injuries in. São Paulo State Championship. Science and Sports, 21, 5, 280-284. 5% of injuries were treated at the training centre after the athlete returned fro...