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Dance Your Way to Fitness

ISBN: 9781843403883
AUTOR: Blenford, Nathalie

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Did you know that vigorous dancing burns 250 calories an hour? Dancing is suitable for people of all ages, shapes and sizes and all you need is a little music and space. Dancing reduces stress, increases energy, tones muscles and decreases blood pressure. With a bit of practise – and some positive thinking – even complete beginners will be able to master the routines in this book. This book shows you how you can dance your way to fitness – starting with a comprehensive ballet-style warm-up with core strength exercises. It gives a brief introduction benefits of dancing and with a questionnaire the author tries to determine what kind of dance workout best suits you. This is followed by five dance workouts – latin, hip hop, burlesque, bollywood and broadway. You will see that each routine gives a fantastic all-over body workout. The routines are illustrated with easy to follow step-by-step photography. There are five inspiring case studies and tips on fitness and clothing. about this. I created Dance your way to fitness ... Dancing Your Way to Better Health - WebMD ... ..for the love of dance & love of Zumba..and my journey to become the fittest in my life through... Dance Your Way to Fitness: Step-By-Step Fun and Flirty Ways to a Fabulous Figure Paperback - May 1, 2007. by. Natalie Blenford (Author) › Visit Amazon's Natalie Blenford Page. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. See search results for this author. Natalie Blenford (Author) 4.0 out of 5 stars. 1 ... Dance Your Way to Fitness - Home | Facebook ... . Natalie Blenford (Author) 4.0 out of 5 stars. 1 rating. Naručite u VBZ online knjižari poznati naslov Dance Your Way to Fitness autora Blenford, Nathalie. Pronađite najbolje cijene uz najveći izbor! Brza dostava! Why Dance Is Good For Fitness Building muscular endurance. Tired of feeling… tired? Still exhausted when you wake up in the morning? Then dancing... Dancing improves the body's flexibility. A healthy body needs joints and muscles to be flexible; something that dance... Developing upper and lower ... Dancing — whether it be hip-hop, tango, or jazz — is an excellent form of aerobic exercise that's easy to do and accessible to all ages, abilities, and fitness levels. Even the US Department of Health and Human Services is on board, citing dancing as a useful way to help meet the physical activity guidelines for aerobic activity. Studies have shown that you can burn about 150 calories by doing just 30 minutes of social dancing. With fitness now a buzzword catching on in the market, those with their pulse firm on the market ... Dance 101 is filled with students at all ages and skill levels, including women who have never set foot on a dance floor. "Everyone can benefit from dance, regardless of age, weight, or fitness level," Ofelia says. "Dancing is like taking a mini vacation from the stress of the everyday―you have to be in the moment." Great for any fitness level and age. Dance workouts combine music and traditional bodyweight exercises with rhythm and dance moves. The goal of these fitness videos is to motivate you to improve your endurance, strength, and coordination through music and rhythm. Working out with music Caleb Marshall reveals how to dance your way to fitness. This post is part of a series of Queerty conversations with models, trainers, dancers, and, well, people who inspire us to stay in shape ... Sometimes routine indoor workouts become just that - routine. A new exercise class might be your answer. Ready to get moving? Cooper Fitness Center group exercise director, Scotty Esquibel, M.S., explains that you may practice any style of dance to achieve fitness goals. As long as you are dancing for 30 minutes most days of the week, sweating, and able to breath, you are dancing down the ... Zumba is an exhilarating aerobic fitness class that primarily uses various styles of Latin American dance and music to get your heart pumping. Each song has its own combination of high- and... If you love to dance and this is what you want to focus on while making a living, you are on the right page. We will give you insights on how to successfully open a dance studio and dance your way to success as m...