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Dance Your Way to Fitness

ISBN: 9781843403883
AUTOR: Blenford, Nathalie

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Did you know that vigorous dancing burns 250 calories an hour? Dancing is suitable for people of all ages, shapes and sizes and all you need is a little music and space. Dancing reduces stress, increases energy, tones muscles and decreases blood pressure. With a bit of practise – and some positive thinking – even complete beginners will be able to master the routines in this book. This book shows you how you can dance your way to fitness – starting with a comprehensive ballet-style warm-up with core strength exercises. It gives a brief introduction benefits of dancing and with a questionnaire the author tries to determine what kind of dance workout best suits you. This is followed by five dance workouts – latin, hip hop, burlesque, bollywood and broadway. You will see that each routine gives a fantastic all-over body workout. The routines are illustrated with easy to follow step-by-step photography. There are five inspiring case studies and tips on fitness and clothing.

... try? Dancing is an exciting and social way to work out your body ... Dancing Your Way to Better Health - WebMD ... . From ballroom to salsa, dancing works your heart and helps build strong bones and muscles. Because dancing is so much fun, you may forget you are exercising. Health Benefits of Dance Swing dancing and jitterbug -- those are fun dances, a good workout, and most people learn them quickly." Dancing is considered a moderate-intensity exercise, he says. "You're moving your body up... Dance your way to a whole-body w ... Dance Your Way to Fitness - Home | Facebook ... . "You're moving your body up... Dance your way to a whole-body workout The simple act of getting on your feet and dancing is one of the most effective ways to ensure your family have strong bodies and healthy hearts. The Government's guidelines say that to live a healthy life and protect against diseases like cancer and heart disease, kids need to do about an hour of ... It's a fun way to work out and you can practice as you move around your house, with or without a partner. You'll dip, spin, gli...