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Gathering Dark

ISBN: 9781847399274
AUTOR: Golden, Christopher

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The Gospel of Shadows enabled the Catholic Church to control all manner of supernatural beings for centuries. When the book was destroyed — and the ruling body of the Church with it — it enabled the Shadows, the vampires of legend, to learn the hidden truth of their triple nature: part human, part demonic, part divine. But it also weakened the barriers that exist between the worlds, and now beings of pure evil are breaking through — creatures from other dimensions for which Hell is just a name. Peter Octavian, once a powerful Shadow, now restored to humanity, is the only man with sufficient knowledge to stop them. Aided by an earthwitch, a vampire and a priest, and calling on the magical forces of mother nature herself, Octavian stands between the Earth and apocalypse, as entire cities are plunged into the abyss.

...ring - Raw. Bookmark. Viewed 3073 views. Status Ongoing ... Dark Gathering manga - Mangago ... . Dark Gathering - Raw. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Pinterest. Dark ModeLight Mode. Completed. Types. Chapter 7.5: Tale Gathering Read. Read manga Dark Gathering online free , Dark Gathering English subbed , read Dark Gathering online free at Dark Gathering Chap 7. 11 months ago. Dark Gathering Chap 1. 1 year ago. Member Comments (0). But The Gathering Dark wasn't like that at all. The c ... Чтение манги Бескрайняя тьма глава 1 [Страница 1] ... . But The Gathering Dark wasn't like that at all. The concept of magic wielding Grisha living in Ravka was set up beautifully, so that it completely captured my imagination and was easy to read and get into. [Vol.2 Chapter 7.5: Tale Gathering - Chapter 13] {Chapter 13 - 245 days ago}. Read the latest manga Dark Gathering Chapter 26 at Rawkuma . Manga Dark Gathering is always updated at Rawkuma . Dont forget to read the other manga updates. This is a site dedicated to the publishing of the book series The Gathering Dark....